Aer Day Sling 2 Review

At its shortest strap length, the Sling could be used in a typical hip bag fashion, but it’s intended to be placed on the body in a cross-chest configuration, the bag resting comfortably in front or in back. As a collector of sneakers and fashion, Amir is passionate about all things related to style. He’s covered everything including the industry’s shift to producing more sustainable clothing, the most comfortable loungewear, all of the best places to shop for affordable business casual attire, and more. He’s used his expertise in footwear and the footwear industry to review all kinds of shoes from sportswear giants, well-known casual brands, and startups. Amir’s coverage also includes eyewear, watches, and grooming products like electric razors and men’s skincare. Priced at $99 for the original and $159 for the premium version, the Bellroy Sling might be just as expensive as some backpacks, but its size and versatility make it great for commuting and traveling.

I am pretty sure everyone could find the one that suits them the best from your generous sharing. From all these 15 sling bags, I like AER Tech Sling 2 & Mark Ryden Anti-Theft Sling Bag. Both look stylish for modern workers, and they can carry the essential stuff people need for work. I love sling bags, and the best one I have is of Harley Davidson. For organization, there’s a roomy two-part compartment for your daily items with a padded tablet sleeve, a handy phone pocket, and an expandable chest pocket that fits most phones. Add a self-locking magnetic buckle on the strap and the versatility to be worn cross-body style or around the hip, and you’ve got a bag you’ll love taking anywhere.

Finally, the back of the bag is equipped with a three-panel pad intended to make wearing the bag, especially with a full load, more comfortable. This section might be our biggest gripe with the exterior, as the padding of the back is so thin and the Venture fabric is so dense that you may not even recognize that the padding is there at all. Special thanks to my daughter for getting some good action shots!

My aer day sling 2 slides under my arm when biking quite frequently; even when I’m riding a commuter positioned bike. I’m finding it’s too big for EDC but too small for excursions with my girlfriend . I find it awkward to get to and I personally like to keep my keys in the front quick access pocket. The sling has a unique design that allows it to expand when its full and slim down when its not. This keeps it looking nice and slim when you aren’t carrying it at its max capacity. Another exceptional high point with the Bellroy Sling is its solitary strap buckle.

Bellroy Sling keeps your hands free and pockets light with a sling that’s big enough for the essentials, yet small enough to let you move smoothly. Free yourself up for adventure with this small sling that keeps your essentials in reach, and out of your pockets. It’s big enough for your basics, and small enough to feel effortless. I had been keen to try their Sling for several months, planning to buy one as an ideal daily carry bag. Before I could whip out my wallet , they sent me the brand new Premium version of the Sling for review. Considering those circumstances, I need to carry my laptops to see my clients.

Herschel is well-known for balancing budget-friendliness, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising to discover that the same ethos extends to their sling bags. While they do offer several different variations, we’re fond of the simplicity of the Seventeen Hip Pack you see here with its mid-range 3.5L size, sturdy polyester exterior, and dual-compartment design. If you’re going for the retro fanny pack look, this is probably the best inexpensive option out there. If you already own a backpack , you might be wondering why you’d want to swap it out for a far smaller cross-body bag. Well, we’ve already mentioned a couple of the reasons — size, security, and speed — but there’s more to it than just those simple mentions. Before we get to know everything about this Corkcicle sling bag, we must mention its price in the first place.

Bellroy Sling Interior Zipper Pocket In UseThe zippered pocket is a nice size for a smartphone and the lining means it shouldn’t get scratched. We wouldn’t recommend storing glasses here since it feels like they’ll get smushed between the rest of the sling and your back. Bellroy Sling CompressionFully expanded, the Bellroy Sling will hold quite a bit . But, with the auto-compression feature, you can keep a low profile if you’re wearing the sling with fewer items inside.

bellroy sling review

If you already like using sling bags, then the Day Sling 2 is definitely worth the money for the quality and long-lasting product you’ll get. So there we have it – 15 best sling bags for everyday carry to help you streamline your life. The bag’s front mesh pocket is suitable for essentials like keys, AirPods, and cards while the small mesh pocket on the strap is a great place to tuck away a chapstick or phone. The main compartment is large to hold more items and comes with a sleeve and two mesh pockets, as well as a key leash.

YKK zippers are a staple in the backpack community and are widely regarded as the finest zippers in the land. The Bellroy Sling continues the backpack tradition of using YKK zippers. Plus, add in the fact that Bellroy is committed to eco-friendly materials.

Possibly our favorite minimalist travel wallet, the Bellroy Slim Sleeve is one of the company’s flagships products. Ultimately, while a bit more organization would be preferred by many – it’s a fine pocket. While it’s a smaller pocket, it’s actually a wider pocket as it’s easier to open and access your stuff inside.