Base Shaper Insert For Chanel Wallet On Chain Purse

The Chanel WOC has a more classic, traditional feel that is very elegant. Without a doubt, both bags are very stylish, chic, and could adapt well to any look. In terms of material, most Chanel WOCs come with the iconic, Chanel quilted leather and a hardware ‘CC’ logo. The Saint Laurent WOC has a chevron style leather pattern and a large hardware ‘YSL’ logo in the center.

The gold bar at the top is what caught my attention too. I’ll admit, I’m too cheap to spend over $50 for a bag, especially that size. It is lovely though, and ones without a budget could indulge. I need a new purse now, this is such a pretty and cute one. I told myself I will stop looking for bags but I guess I’ll break that rule just once and start finding me a cute investment.

I really think I’m going to pull the trigger soon and buy one. I agree with you about the classic flaps being too much money now also. There are some clear visual similarities between the bags.

chanel wallet on chain review

However, there are also a few things which have been bothering me ever since I got the bag, and so I wanted to highlight them in this review. The final noteworthy aspect is the construction of the model (here, I am referring specifically to the size/version of the bag shown in this review). All you have to do is send us good-quality pictures of your Chanel WOC bag and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your Chanel WOC bag is fake or authentic. By that, we mean that the fake bag has its stitching angled too much, while all of the stitches on the legit bag are placed straight at 180 degrees.

Other places you can find the WOC discounted are at The Real Real and Fashionphile, but I’d get them authenticated on The Purse Forum before pulling the trigger. The main aspect distinguishing the Classic Flap from Chanel 19 is its overall feel. Chanel 19 has a soft and floppy structure, resulting in a relaxed and stylish, but somewhat informal, appearance. Conversely, the Classic Chanel bag is well known for its rigid silhouette with clearly defined lines, giving it its famed ultra-sophisticated look.

This photo shows the inner structure of Chanel 19 and the type of textile lining the interior of the bag. This photo shows a close-up of the very soft lamskin leather of Chanel 19 and the creases which naturally develop as the bag is used.. The first pro of the Chanel 19 bag is the eye-catching exterior. I know that taste is subjective, but is difficult not to appreciate its visual appeal because this model is a truly striking piece. The front of the Chanel 19 bag is adorned with a decorative interlocking CC clasp featuring an interwoven leather element.

This will be particularly the case if you end up with a light-coloured interior, like the one shown in this review. However, even with darker colours, you still have to be really careful. Unfortunately, the textile used is relatively thin, so there is no guarantee that stains will not permeate into the outer leather.

But if you’re the type to frequently sell and rotate your bags, if you keep it in good condition, you’ll likely see all your money back, if not more. It’s an easy grab and go bag with little fuss about it and honestly prefect for moms who just need a little bag real estate for themselves. I have also seen a few people ask if an epipen will fit in the bag. Lately as my pregnancy has progressed, I have also started keeping a small fruit leather or trail mix in my WOC as well with little problems. Thought generally, I have to take my phone out at this point.

The same probably would have happened if it was other softer leathers such as calf skin. The bag was first released for Chanel’s Fall 2016 collection and it’s the first WOC to feature the Trendy CC bar, which was based off of their Trendy CC bag. The first color released was the black and later an abundance of colors followed such as red and yellow. The bag is now a design available in limited quantities and limited colors as with most Chanel designs.