Classic Lady Dior Bag Replica Review

Then there’s the choice of gold, silver or black hardware which comes down to personal preference. I personally think the gold looks more luxe and I’ve been wearing a lot more gold jewelry the last few years. The beige is what I ended up with as I wanted it for the Spring/Summer and am holding […]

Ipsy Glambag Plus Review

This was the first item that Ipsy chose for me. I have tried many Complex Culture products through Ipsy and they are really nice. I don’t love pink toned blushes in general but the shade to the right is a warmer pink that has a peachy/apricot tone to it. I will probably reach for that […]

Hammitt Reviews Usa 2022

If you need your bag faster than that for an upcoming night out, you can pay a little extra to have it shipped to you via either 2-day or next-day air. Hammitt is one company that hasn’t fallen into this cycle. Since its creation, the company has placed an emphasis on functionality and quality above […]

Columba 20 Inch Folding Bike Bag Black

As we would for any type of bicycle, for a folding bike we strongly recommend buying one from a local dealer. ✔️ It’s super compact and lightweight making it supereasy to carryaround. The only other pain point is when adjusting the clips to close the bag. While the shoulder strap is super clever, adjusting the […]

Pochette Felicie

Shipping can take up to eight weeks to be delivered to you. Mine took almost four weeks, as indicated in the video. The Louis Vuitton Félicie Pochette is just the second Louis Vuitton handbag I’ve ever purchased (I’ve grabbed a few wallets and jewelry holders over the years). I thought this tiny crossbody would be […]

Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags

Most fake louis bags are produced in Asian countries, so they will have an off-orange tinge that makes them seem duller than the real thing. All of these factors, in addition to the caring of the bag should add up to an authentic LV product. Louis Vuitton started using number codes with dates in the […]