Classic Lady Dior Bag Replica Review

Then there’s the choice of gold, silver or black hardware which comes down to personal preference. I personally think the gold looks more luxe and I’ve been wearing a lot more gold jewelry the last few years. The beige is what I ended up with as I wanted it for the Spring/Summer and am holding out for a black Chanel bag and don’t need 2 black day to night bags.

I used Dune for some time during the early 90s and I have to say in the beginning I really enjoyed it. But after some time I felt it was too much a scent that didn´t go with me, I don´t know exactly why. Now I would like to try it again but for some reason Dune is not right for me. Perfume taxonomist Michael Edwards recounts how the heads at Christian Dior wanted to create a “marine type” of fragrance but without the harsh ozonic notes that were catapulting the market at the time. The original idea was a monastery’s garden by the coast, herbal and aromatic.

(Remember, I’m new to this, so lemme know in the comments if I drew the wrong conclusion lol). Every aspect of the bag looks and feels luxurious and EXPEN$$IVE. I have felt the patent leather Lady Dior bags in person…and this feels exactly like them! A good weight, not flimsy, and the patent leather is firmly structured. The handles are comfortable, the feet are spaced out evenly, and the charms do not feel cheap.

I have this bag in silver and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It really was love at first sight for me too and I bought mine preloved too at almost the same price. There are no other serial numbers that can be found on any of Christian Dior’s designer handbags. It goes without saying that if there is an additional number printed anywhere on the bag that it is clearly a fake. On some Dior bags, you may find the “made in..” stamp on the back side of the tag instead of the front. If not located in the front, the “made in” would be heat stamped right above the date code and must be perfectly centered.

Seeing a “MADE IN FRANCE” on a newer Dior bag should be an immediate red flag. You should not be able to feel it by running your fingers over the stitching and the color should match the bag’s color, making it almost invisible. The color of the fabric lining will not always be identical to the outside color of the bag, despite of the popular belief. For example, you may often find red cannage lining inside of Lady Diors with black exterior. Please note that many modern Lady Dior bags do not have a zippered closure, but rather have a leather flap covering the opening to the bag. Come September 1995 when a black ChouChou was gifted to Princess Diana of Wales, everything changed.

lady dior review

The Blackpink member tied her hair up with a translucent ribbon and kept her makeup neutral to match her bag. To prove the designer piece could be worn for every occasion, and with any outfit, she dressed down in a puff-sleeve blouse and blue jeans. Jisoo added a personal touch to her micro bag with a knitted carrot handbag chain. The miniature design joins Jisoo’s endless collection of handbags from the label — she also owns the Dior Book Tote, Bobby Bag, and ABCDior bag. The lady dior mini here is a smaller/mini version of it, and i possess it in lotus pearl pink and gold hardware. This bag is the ever classy option for fine dining, fancy events, and special dates.

Traditionally, the Lady Dior comes in four different sizes – Mini, Small/MyLady ABC, Medium, and Large. Over time, special sizes have been issued as well – the Micro version for Spring/Summer 2015, for instance, or the 2010 Extra-Large edition. I feel like the Lady Dior bag is the underappreciated star of the iconic bag world. You can carry this bag in the crook of your arm – which looks very chic and high-fashion. You can also attach the longer, adjustable strap to the bag and wear it over the shoulder or crossbody.