Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags

Most fake louis bags are produced in Asian countries, so they will have an off-orange tinge that makes them seem duller than the real thing. All of these factors, in addition to the caring of the bag should add up to an authentic LV product. Louis Vuitton started using number codes with dates in the early 1980s. There is no such thing as being too careful while looking for authentic Louis Vuitton date codes.

So, if you can fake out the ones who are “high fashion” connoisseurs, you’re pretty much good to go. You have to understand that there are a lot of knock-off products are sold online. The problem is, if you do not read my guide, you probably will get faked out. As you can well imagine, hanging out with such sophisticated people and showing up with a fake bag or purse would be social suicide.

No matter the lighting in which the fake vs real Louis Vuitton bags are held, in most of the cases you are going to see the fake LV hardware details shining either too much or too little. With this being said for the interior print of the coin purse, let’s move on to the next step of the guide on how to spot fake LV Pochette bags. With this being said, the authentic Louis Vuitton Pochette coin purse’s interior print has its letters at the right font-weight and shape, since they are looking on point. As you can see, in the real vs fake LV Pochette coin purse image above, we have pointed out how the replica coin purse has its text pretty much totally crooked and badly font-weighed. Lastly, the third type of interior label is the printed one, and this can be seen especially on the tinier bags such as inside the Louis Vuitton Multi Accessories bag’s coin purse.

With all of this being said, we’ve reached the end of our guide on how to spot fake Louis Vuitton items by just looking at the few main spots. We hope this guide is helpful in your Louis Vuitton authenticating. All you have to do is send us high-quality pictures of your Louis Vuitton item and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your LV product is fake or authentic. On the “VUITTON” print, you can see how the letters look a lot thinner than they have to be, and how on the legit sneakers, the text looks a lot thicker. For your reference, this time we’ve taken the real vs fake Louis Vuitton Archlight, which are also another really popular pair of LV trainers.

So you at least know which letters are replicas/ genuine. Check to see if the bag’s date code matches the “made in” stamp. Look for the date code inside of the bag right along the top edge of the bag’s opening. The date code should include 2 letters and a 4 digit number. The first 2 numbers in the 4 digit number indicate the week of the year and the second 2 indicate the year. If the letters in the date code indicate a different country than the “made in” stamp, then the bag is likely a fake.

The “O” will look round not oval, some fake bags will have an “0” instead of an “O”, the “O” in a real bag will usually look larger than the “L”. From 2004 to 2016, the beige dust bag is made out of flannel or linen. A perfectly symmetrical and centered LV logo is printed in brown on it. A small white tag saying where the bag was made can be found inside.

Here, besides the fonts and the overall look of the tag, we should focus on the stitching and the overall look of the tag. Another thing to keep in mind is the placement of the details and the spacing between them. Make sure that the pattern is consistent with the model and the size of your handbag. This ‘checkerboard’ pattern is widely used in the LV handbag designs, and loved by the bagaholics across the world.