Ipsy Glambag Plus Review

This was the first item that Ipsy chose for me. I have tried many Complex Culture products through Ipsy and they are really nice. I don’t love pink toned blushes in general but the shade to the right is a warmer pink that has a peachy/apricot tone to it. I will probably reach for that shade more than the matte cool toned shade on the left.

ipsy glam bag plus review

The products are discounted from normal price and you can get cash bag on the purchase. They also offer “Ipsy Offers” that are discounted beauty bundles from different brands. You are also allowed to add “Add Ons” to your Glam Bag Plus which are other items featured that month that are not part of your personal box. Lastly, they offer “Mystery Bags” which again are bags of heavily discounted products. There are three different monthly subscription bags you can purchase.

They also offer an upgraded box every month called Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. This box is $28.00 a month and includes 5 full sized products. You are able to choose 3 of the products in your bag and Ipsy chooses 2 for you. Ipsy’s picks are based of your beauty quiz/product reviews.

If you have read an IPSY subscription review, you know by now that the customers are mostly very pleased with their service. The company has been able to maintain a solid reputation and strong relationships with its customers. It certainly helps that big names are partnering up with it – the Glam Bag x Halsey collab is just around the corner. The Glam Bag will include five deluxe beauty product samples. The Glam Bag Plus will also get you five full-size beauty products.

A lot of these products, I would have never purchased myself but am glad to have them in my collection. This is where you’ll see deep discounts on some well known high end beauty brands. That said, you likely can’t use all the products up as fast as you get new ones so unless you want A LOT of product lying around, consider skipping months.

The other four will be selected as a result of your beauty quiz. Before checkout you also have the chance to purchase add-ons through the IPSY Flash sale. These products are sold at a big discount and ship for free with your ISPY bag.

Ipsy Glam Bag plus is a a step up from the original Ipsy Glam Bag. With this service, you receive five full-size products. The shades from left to right are Capri which is a cream, then the powders Santorini, Azores and Ibiza.

I love winged eyeliner, but I personally prefer an all-in-one tool; it’s just easier for me, especially as I won’t have time to wash a brush every single day. My mom took it and I will prob not miss it. This is an amazing subscription service. I love everything that was included this month. Would love to try some of the eye shadows.

I was really impressed with my first two bags. In my first bag I loved three out of the five products, liked one, and didn’t care for the fifth. It came to about $100 worth of products I’d use and one lipstick in a shade I’ll gift to a friend or save for an occasional party. For $12.00 a month, you get a glam bag full of 4-6 beauty items. Subscriptions are $25.00/month and contain five full-size makeup items personalized to you. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus also sends a deluxe makeup bag every month.

One of my favorite winter perfumes is #85 Novacaine from Tokyomilk Dark. That one is both a winter scent and a night time scent. From the first sniff this seems like it would be more of a day time scent. I am actually looking forward to trying it out.