Mina Baie Leather Kinney Backpack Modern Diaper Bag Black

A diaper bag makes getting out of the house with your baby a whole lot easier. So it’s no wonder that you have a lot of questions around how to choose a diaper bag and which bags are best depending on your needs. Welcome to Ask the Expert, a new series where I answer real questions from real Babylist users and parents just like you.

For that same price, you can join the Lily Jade Buy sell trade on Facebook and get one of the leather bags for that same price or less. The resale prices right now are terrible so it’s a great time to be a buyer and most of the ladies in that group have such large bag rotations that the bags they sell are hardly used. You can also join the group to read reviews on the new Caroline.

mina baie reviews

This small, indie company out of Los Angeles has one bag on the market and they’ve done their due diligence to make it near perfect. As for shape, you can also see the Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack sits the tallest. This was problematic for reviewers with shorter torsos who said it came down and bumped their backside when they walked around. The other two bags are more compact which avoids this problem.

As a final note, I feel a little bit more put together and myself with this bag. My hair might be barely brushed and I’m rocking spit up stains on my tee shirt but at least my diaper bag is keeping my fit fresh. And of course, we can’t leave out quality and details when comparing bags. When you’re loading up for a day out, we know you don’t want to feel like your things are a burden. Both the Itzy Ritzy and Lily Jade come in at around 2.5 lbs each at empty weight, while the Mina Baie weighs in at 3.6 lbs making it heavier before you start packing up.

We got this question from a few different users. And while there’s no exact answer , there are a few oversized bags that I like specifically for parents of multiples or if you have a few children close in age. This bag is luxury all the way, featuring a full leather, scratch-resistant exterior and gold metal hardware.

I think a bag with a more square shape would feel less bulky and be more comfortable to carry (i.e. the Meggan, Caroline, or Anna–though probably not crossbody with the Anna) . While I love how the organizer works it does add some extra weight to the bag, which I’ll talk about more later on. As mentioned above, I wanted to write a well-balanced review of Lily Jade Diaper Bags. They are beautiful bags, but I hope this review provides you with the pros and cons that will help you decide if a Lily Jade Diaper Bag is right for you. If you are reading Lily Jade reviews, you might be experiencing a little hesitation on purchasing your bag.

These are pretty bulky so fitting them in any diaper bag can be challenging. I don’t think the side pockets were really designed for water bottles, but I can juuuust fit in my toddler’s bottle. I usually have trouble remembering to save room for it in the inside.

The Harper midi backpack is functional too, with ten internal pockets, three external compartments, an insulated pocket and a dust bag. Parents say that the Go Envi backpack is compact yet roomy and easy to keep organized. They’ve also said it’s water resistant and easy to wipe clean. Once baby outgrows all their necessities, you can use the backpack for your laptop .