Nomatic 40l Travel Bag Review

On that theme of quick access, we have this pocket right here which I refer to as the quick access pocket. This is a soft line pocket which makes it perfect for things like your cell phone or your shades. It’s everything you need a quick access pocket to be, but that sort of quick access pocket is fairly ubiquitous amongst backpacks, but here is a pocket that is nice. This pocket brings out next level organization and check it out. That means that this front area of this backpack literally has more pockets than some backpacks in their entirety. Here on the top we have two elastic mesh pockets good for things like you know health stuff, like a hand sanitizer, sunscreen.

The comparison of two bags was easy because they made the reference so clear that the 30L bag is smaller and can be used for shorter trips and everyday adventures. For the most part, I’ve been amazed by how well it’s held up. The thick material is great for keeping out the rain and all the organizational features make it easy to carry electronics and daily essentials with me. The material doesn’t have any significant scuffs or scratches yet, despite heavy use.

The external material is essentially all weatherproof except for the front panel, which is the panel on the ground while the pack is in duffel bag mode. The laptop sleeve is also in the main compartment which does keep it well protected, but it’s quite tricky to access while on a plane or in a tight space. The waterproof water bottle pocket is a nice touch, but the pocket is limited in size and would not fit a larger water bottle. Nomatic did some nice things with the Travel Bag, but I think there are better options on the market.

The straps were comfortable on his shoulders, and it looked in proportion to his size as well. If you want to use this as an additional bag to a suitcase that you already travel with, then here’s an awesome feature – the suitcase sleeve. You can just slip this over the handle on your wheely suitcase, and away you go! You won’t have to balance this bag on your suitcase, or – worst of all – actually have to WEAR it while you’re pulling, or pushing, your suitcase along.

If you’re looking for a carry on size bag, the Nomatic travel bag comes in either a 30 liter or as a 40 liter . The Nomatic backpack’s a bit larger than the official personal item size for United or Air Canada, but it’s pretty close. I flew with it on Air Canada on a domestic flight in Canada, and had no problem.

nomatic travel pack review

If you’re a light packer, you could push it to a week. Besides that, it’s pretty much a big empty space, which is great for filling with packing cubes. NOMATIC Travel Pack Water Bottle PocketThe side handles are low-profile but work pretty well to grab the bag when you’re on the go. Plus, they’re attached to internal stays which help the pack keep its structure. We will note, however, that using the side handles can be more difficult when the water bottle pockets are in-use as there not much room for your hand.

I have to just do this little like finger dance, “come on zip pockets open” and it’s ridiculous. But having said that I guess secret pockets can be a little cool like if you want to pop a little extra cash in there. Also keep in mind, it’s not a secret pocket, you can totally see it.