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The trouble is, releasing of the clasp is not always straightforward. In fact, on occasions it gets jammed, especially when the front pocket of the bag is relatively empty. Again, when the satchel is not filled to the brim, fastening the bag can be equally awkward. You really need to make sure that the central knob is put in the right position and pushed far enough so it clicks and secures the lock. If not done properly, it will pop out and leave the bag open. On a few occasions, I found myself unwittingly walking around with an unlocked bag because the central knob did not connect fully with the clasp, something that is easily done.

Eventually, I found an organiser for my Pochette Metis which turned out to be a total game changer. Honestly, it is so much easier to enjoy the Louis Vuitton satchel without the constant worry about mucking up the inner textile! The one shown in this review is from Handbag Angels (I bought it myself, so this is not a paid-up endorsement).

In the past, this has included badge adorned versions, large LV monogram prints as well as braided top handles. The Pochette Metis is also available in monogram imprinted leather. This has made the bag available in a range of colours including black, turtledove beige, navy and red, pink rose poudre and scarlet red. Even though I had some initial doubts about the model, Pochette Metis from Louis Vuitton has taken me by surprise.

louis vuitton pochette metis review

Believe it or not but we’ve seen more than 30 versions of Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis in canvas and all of them are the same story. Within a year of purchase, you’ll notice a few canvas cracks in the spot where the front flap meets the sides of the bag. Moreover, if you look at the sides closely you’ll notice even more cracks. Sheila is a Vancouver, Canada-based beauty, lifestyle, and fashion blogger, since 2008. See here to learn more about Sheila and her blog, Maddy Loves.

I will earn a small commission from any sales made through an affiliate link. As mentioned in this post , today, I am sharing some information about my Cartier LOVE bracelet. I decided to do a review since I would really recommend this bag if you are looking to invest a good crossbody bag. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Pochette Metis and this article almost made you change your mind, forget everything we said. There are still good reasons to purchase this bag despite all the cracks, glazing issues. I did initially consider letting the top handle patina naturally, as I’ll never be selling.

I used this when I went travelling in NYC last fall, and when I was in Toronto last winter. It fits everything I need, and it is super lightweight. The tasseled zipper is very convenient and allows me to open and close the bag with just one hand.

It’s not functional as a mommy bag, but the hobo would have been a better fit for your needs as it’s a bigger bag. While I think the Pochette Metis is super cute and a classic shape , it lands in the awkward “medium sized bag” category, at least for my needs. I either want a very small crossbody for my phone, card wallet, and keys, or I want a bottomless tote for my laptop, lunch, gym clothes, and the kitchen sink. Anything in between never gets used in my day-to-day, which is why I never took the plunge on one of these bags. This bag is typically not readily available online, but right now I’ve seen it able to be added to cart off and on for the last few months.